Re: [gtk-osx-users] Sorting in GtkFileChooser is broken


The problem can be reproduced in gtk-demo by starting the  'Printing' demo, selecting the 'Print to File' 
printer and choosing the 'Other' entry in the 'Save inf older' section.  On my system the filenames are not 
sorted properly when clicking on the header of the 'Name' column.

Shall I file a big about this?


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Subject: [gtk-osx-users] Sorting in GtkFileChooser is broken


I noticed that the sorting of filenames in the GtkFileChooserDialog is broken in 
my app.  I haven't found any other gtk test app to verify this, and gtk-demo 
does not seem to have a demo of the file chooser.

This happens when I build on Lion for x86_64 but not on Leopard for ppc/x86. 
 Strange.  Has anyone else seen this?  The problem also does not exist on other 
platforms (Windows/Linux) of my app.

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