Re: [gtk-osx-users] qtk-quartz and top menu


 2) Clicking/tapping on top-level Mac menu items shows considerable 
(sometimes indefinite) latency. E.g. if I click on "Minimize" in the 
Window menu in a native cocoa app it minimizes with barely noticeable delay, but 
if I do the same in a gtk-quartz app nothing happens -- or not for a looong 
time. (However, if I move the mouse pointer after clicking, then the gtk-quartz 
app responds.)

 What I'm reporting is from a Macbook Air running OS X 10.6.8, though 
I've heard the same from people on different hardware and more recent OS X. 
I built gtk-quartz from the gtk 2.24.17 source package and gtk-mac-integration 
from the 2.0.1 release. I browsed git for both source trees a few days ago but 
didn't see any post-release entries that looked as if they might be relevant 
to these issues.

 I initially noticed these problems with my own gtk app, but then I checked 
the test-integration program in the gtk-mac-integration package and saw the same 
things: no ctrl+f2 menu call, and big latency on menu selections.

I don't know why there would be a delay in handling the Windows>Minimize 
menu item, but I'll hazard a guess that
it's not connected to a gtk event so it gets lost.

I have noticed the delay when selecting a menu item in my app, too.  It's been there for quite a while, at 
least a a year or two, or it might have been there since the very beginning.  It's not only the 
Windows->Minimize menu but any menu item when using the global gtk-mac-integration menu.

It's probably worthwhile to file bugs against either the quartz or 
mac-integration components of gtk+.

Yes, please file a bug, at last regarding the menu item delay.

That said, if you want a total mac experience for you app, you'll have to 
write a Mac GUI for it. No cross-platform tookit offers perfect compliance.

Qt gets pretty close.  I wish gtk-osx would also become more Mac friendly.  Otherwise, why spending so muchh 
effort on it?  If improved Mac experience is not _the_ goal of gtk-osx than we could as well just use the X11 
version of gtk.


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