[gtk-osx-users] [Gtk-osx-users] Using characters that involves Alt

Hi list,

Since I updated my jhbuild installation on december 20th, there is no  
way to write any character involving an <Alt> in the gtk application I  
package for MacOS.

I've seen the archive of a thread on gtk-devel about this issue but I  
did not manage to get  what was done in the end.
I've seen on bugzilla that gedit faced the same kind of issue (my  
application is gtk2 not 3 so maybe it is different) and fixed it but I  
did not find how.

I'm able to write "{ \\ ~ }" in a toy application just involving a  

I'm sorry to distrub the all list with that but is there any clue  
somewhere of how to handle it?

All the best,

Pierre Boutillier

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