[gtk-osx-users] jhbuildrc updated for Mountain Lion

I've just pushed a revised jhbuildrc-gtk-osx with handling for the Mountain Lion developer's preview.

There are some changes in CUPS that break Gtk+, I'll have that patched in a few days. There's probably other broken stuff too, I just haven't gotten past the Gtk problem yet so I haven't found them. In the meantime, if you've gotten the developer preview you'll want to run gtk-osx-build-setup.sh to install the new .jhbuildrc. 

One note: If your .jhbuildrc-custom uses _osx_version, I've changed that from a string to a float, normalized to the "marketing version". That means that if you're running 10.7.3, _osx_version will be 7.3.
John Ralls

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