Re: [gtk-osx-users] Pango modules not found


> Yes, you need to add 
> <binary>
>    ${prefix}/lib/pango/${pkg:pango:pango_module_version}/modules/
> </binary>

Looks good.

> <data>
>    ${prefix}/etc/pango/
> </data>

I went without this change.  The two files (pangorc and pango.modules) in etc/pango are created by create_pango_setup, so they get overwritten, don't they?

> to your bundle file. I'll update the examples in git shortly to reflect 
> that.
> You also need to apply this patch:

O.K. with that change the created pango.modules file looks good.

However, these are not all changes to make it work.  I also had to place the following two lines into bundler/ script:

export PANGO_LIBDIR="$bundle_lib"
export PANGO_SYSCONFDIR="$bundle_etc"
> All of which is temporary, because Behdad says he's going to get rid of the 
> modules and just link the necessary bits in for the next release.

Sound good to me since it is less files to worry about.

Best regards,


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