[gtk-osx-users] Unstable Pango

The latest rev of Pango disposes of ATSUI in favor of CoreText. You'll need to get the latest moduleset-unstable in order to build it, as it has a couple of new dependencies.

Note bug 53815 [1]: Since jhbuild doesn't apply patches to git checkouts, you'll have to apply it manually until Bedhad has time to apply it, which means you'll have to check out gtk-osx-build somewhere as well. Then, when Harfbuzz fails, select "open a shell" and
  git am /path/to/gtk-osx-build/patches/0001-Bug-53815-CoreText-backend-doesn-t-link.patch

quit the shell and re-run configure.

The other problem is that the jhbuild autogenargs are oddly sticky with Pango, so it will also fail to build. Select "wipe directory and start over" to resume building.

The last note is that Harfbuzz won't build with the Tiger SDK because it uses CoreText functions that aren't supported in Tiger. This won't affect stable builds for a while, but at some point I'll have to make a Pango-Tiger module to hold Pango at the current release if Gtk-OSX is going to continue to support it. 

John Ralls

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