[gtk-osx-users] Focus problem


I noticed a focus problem that seems to exist since a while in gtk-osx.  I am running Lion 64bit with gtk+-2.24.9.  Here is how to reproduce it:

1. Start gtk-demo
2. Double-click on 'Dialog and Message Boxes'
3. A window with title 'Dialogs' appears.
4. Move this window over any other non-gtk window, e.g. a terminal window or Safari.
5. Click on 'Message Dialog'.
6. Click on 'Ok' in the new dialog window.
7. Now try clicking 'Message Dialog' again.  It does not take any input any longer.

It depends on over which items the mouse is moved when clicking 'Message Dialog' again.  If the cursor moves over other GUI elements it seems to generate focus-in/out events that make it work again.

Has anyone else noticed this problem?  Shall I file a bug about this?


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