[gtk-osx-users] Bootstrap Updates

Paul Davis and Kristian Reitveld had a conversation on gtk-devel-list about a problem building gobject-introspection on Tiger because the out-of-the-box gnu make is too old, so I've added the most recent make to bootstrap.modules, and set up .jhbuildrc so that it's skipped (like bison and flex) if the host is running a newer version of OSX.

While I was at it, I also added subversion (with the same skip arrangement) because I haven't been able to find a subversion binary that's not "Leopard and later". The subversion version is 1.5.9 because newer ones need a SQLite3 of more recent vintage than what Apple provides and I didn't want to drag *that* into bootstrap.modules.

You'll need to rerun gtk-osx-build-setup.sh to get the new goodness.

John Ralls

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