Re: [gtk-osx-users] GTK version

On Nov 13, 2011, at 6:12 AM, Timo wrote:

> I saw there are recently 2 new GTK releases (2.24.7, 2.24.8) which solve quite a lot of OSX bugs. Perfect time to try to run my program on OSX! After compiling the whole lot, I noticed it was GTK 2.24.6, which I found strange. Doesn't jhbuild retrieves the latest stable? If these values are hardcoded, can these be updated?

Sorry, no, updating the versions in modulesets-stable is a manual process and I generally do it only twice a year. What you got is 2.4.6 with a bunch of patches that brings it about 2 weeks short of 2.4.7. However, there have been a bunch of good changes since, including committing most of the patches, so I do plan to revise the gtk+ module when I have time, perhaps next weekend.

You can use modulesets instead, which uses the project VCS repository instead of release tarballs for most projects. When the project has a separate release branch (as does Gtk+) you'll get the latest commit to that branch.

John Ralls

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