[Gtk-osx-users] Custom python in a PyGTK bundle


I've had some problems packaging a PyGTK application. I've found 
solutions to most things but wanted to run them buy people on the list 
for some more experienced opinions.

I followed the Gramps build instructions and built a custom Python (I'm 
on Snow Leapard and want the build to also work for Leopard)

* I used the gramps launcher, this ended up not working as python was 
still looking for modules in ~/gtk/inst.... when I ran python -v $myapp
* I then used the pygtk-demo launcher and that has worked better since 
it includes PYTHONPATH settings
* But that was still not enough.  I had to set PYTHONHOME to the 
Content/Resources for the bundle to actually run properly.  This made 
the bundle run on other machines for the first time.  Why has nobody 
else had to set PYTHONHOME?
* Earlier on I noticed that I needed to package config/Makefile and 
later also include/python2.7/*.h (I hope those paths are correct enough 
for you to understand).  Seems on 10.5 I needed those, I assume to build 
the .pyc.  But it is odd that nobody else packages them!
* In my adventure I noticed that my python executable still has two 
references to ~/gtk/inst - not sure if these caused my pain above though 
or if they even need changing.

So with PYTHONPATH, PYTHONHOME and bundling some .h and Makefile I seem 
to have solved this.  But it bothers me that this wasn't needed in 
Gramps builds or in any other PyGTK bundling description that I've 
seen.  So your thoughts are appreciated.


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