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I'd like to have a go at building guitarix (http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/) on OS X.

I've installed gtk-osx.

Guitarix has the following dependencies:

ladspa-sdk   gtk+-2.0 >= 2.12.0   gtkmm-2.0 >= 2.12.0   gthread-2.0 >= 2.10   sigc++-2.0   zita-convolver   zita-resampler   sndfile >= 1.0.17  jack (jackd, libjack, and dev) >= 0.109.1
boost library >= 1.38

As a first step I need to install gtkmm (?)

I've tried to do this using a jhbuild shell however I'm getting the following errors:

./waf configure
Checking for program msgfmt              : /Users/chris/gtk/inst/bin/msgfmt 
Checking for program intltool-merge      : /Users/chris/gtk/inst/bin/intltool-merge 
Checking for program g++ or c++          : /usr/bin/g++ 
Checking for program cpp                 : /usr/bin/cpp 
Checking for program ar                  : /usr/bin/ar 
Checking for program ranlib              : /usr/bin/ranlib 
Checking for g++                         : ok  
Checking for jack <= 1.8.0               : yes 
Checking for sndfile >= 1.0.17           : yes 
Checking for gmodule-export-2.0          : yes 
Checking for gtk+-2.0 >= 2.16.0          : yes 
Checking for gthread-2.0 >= 2.10         : yes 
Checking for gtkmm-2.4                   : not found 
/Users/chris/Programming/MyProgramming/gx_head-0.14.0/gx_head-0.14.0/wscript:376: error: the configuration failed (see '/Users/chris/Programming/MyProgramming/gx_head-0.14.0/gx_head-0.14.0/build/config.log')

I'm not clear about how I should install gtkmm-2.4. Should I do this using a jhbuild shell or can I do it using the Terminal?

Any other advice would be appreciated.



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