[Gtk-osx-users] gtk-doc and XML files


I get this configure error when building gtk-doc.

checking for XML catalog (/Users/dev/gtk/inst/etc/xml/catalog)... found
checking for xmlcatalog... /Users/dev/gtk/inst/bin/xmlcatalog
checking for DocBook XML DTD V4.3 in XML catalog... found
checking for DocBook XSL Stylesheets in XML catalog... not found
configure: error: could not find DocBook XSL Stylesheets in XML catalog
*** Error during phase configure of gtk-doc: ########## Error running 
./configure --prefix /Users/dev/gtk/inst --libdir 
'/Users/dev/gtk/inst/lib' --disable-scrollkeeper 
--with-xml-catalog=$JHBUILD_PREFIX/etc/xml/catalog --disable-static  *** 

This one is new for me. I've had a lot of stuff that I haven't been 
building from scratch, but I tried a clean build and got the error.

My suspicion is that the gtk-osx-docbook-1.0.tar.gz needs a refresh but 
I'm not sure where the files in that bundle come from.  Seems like the 
only changes to gtk-doc where in Feb this year, seem odd that no one 
else has bumped into this one. 


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