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On Mar 9, 2011, at 1:11 PM, Victor Tsang wrote:

> Hi there,
> I have installed gtk-osx using jhbuild. Now I am confused on how to compile my program. After installing gtk-osx, I should have all the gtk libraries in my computer correct? can I simply use a make file to compile my program? If I do use make file to compile, do I lose the ability to bundle up my program since I didn't use jhbuild to compile my program? It will be great you guys can provide me some hints on how to get the jhbuild compiling my program. 

Um, jhbuild builds and installs a lot of things, including Gtk+ (assuming that you've built meta-gtk-osx-core), but there isn't anything called "gtk-osx" to build. Gtk-osx is the collection of scripts and modulesets that make jhbuild work on OSX. If Gtk+ is your only dependency, then you need to bootstrap and build meta-gtk-osx-bootstrap and meta-gtk-osx-core. If you have a non-trivial program with other dependencies, then you'll have to build the other dependencies, too. Many are supported in the modulesets, but many more aren't. You may very well have to write a special moduleset to get everything you need built. You'll have to learn that from the jhbuild manual.

No, I can't tell you how to build your app. If you've actually read the build instructions, you know that you can run `jhbuild shell` to set up your environment; from there you can do whatever you usually do to build your program, whether it's autotools, cmake, ant, boost jam, or any number of other build environments.

If you want to learn how to write a module, go read the jhbuild documentation:

John Ralls'

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