Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Building PyObjC with Python 2.7 or other options to use the platform version

On 2011-05-25 07:17, Richard Procter wrote:

On 25/05/2011, at 3:04 PM, Dwayne Bailey wrote:

On 2011-05-24 23:17, John Ralls wrote:
On May 24, 2011, at 1:14 PM, Dwayne Bailey wrote:


I've been trying to build PyObjC with Python 2.7 (I suspect that it's this Python version that is causing me my pain). I'm using it to get native file open and close dialogs.  So before pointing to a long build log files I wanted to ask some questions:
	• Has anyone else tried to build PyObjC against Python 2.7?  I am building my own Python for packaging my app.  Any changes you needed to make?
	• Would it be safer to build against 2.6?
	• Is there a way to use the system PyObjC while everything else is in my bundle?  I'm loath to put this in my PYTHONPATH because I'd rather catch other potential errors then get strange interactions between things in the bundle and on the system.
Any other thoughts?
What has that got to do with gtk-OSX? You're more likely to get help with that on the PyObjC lists.
For the compile output sure.  But I wasn't asking questions about the compile errors. So I'd be interested to know if anyone had tried at least 3) or if its a silly idea.
I tried building and bundling PyObjC at one point but - and my memory is hazy here - it seemed to be tightly coupled to a specific version of OS X. As I abandoned the approach without looking more deeply into it, I may have overlooked something. 

These are the things I needed to do to get PyObjC building and packaged:

  1. PyObjC builds with '-isysroot /' according to the comment so that the build is portable.  Rubbish.  This ends up pulling in your /System files instead of the SDK you are building against.  So probably not a problem if you build on 10.5 and want it to work on 10.6.  But it won't work when building on 10.6 trying to ensure you are 10.5 compatible.  I ended up simply commenting out sysroot where it occurred.  I'm sure there are more elegant approaches, but that worked.
  2. You need to add the paths to the produced .eggs in your launcher
  3. To bundle correctly ensure you are bundling the PyObjC.bridgesupport files.

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