[Gtk-osx-users] Are you using Enchant/GtkSpell using AppleSpell backend?


I'm using enchant and gtkspell for spell checking in our app.  This 
works nicely on Mac but it doesn't use the Apple spell checkers by 
default.  Enchant does have an AppleSpell backend if you pass 
-DXP_TARGET_COCOA which I tried and just got some amazing tracebacks 
which seem to be GCC trying to include ObjC code while compiling C.

I'm busy asking for help from people over at AbiWord - where Enchant lives.

Before trying to solve this on my own I was wondering if anyone had 
tried to build Enchant with the AppleSpell backend?  I'm pretty sure 
this would be helpful to others porting their GTK apps to Mac to make it 
even more native by using the users existing spell checkers.

If you are a bit more skilled at the GNU build toolchain and GCC 
compiling then I am I'd love some help.


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