[Gtk-osx-users] Announcements

1. I've added two new patches (one is a replacement) to gtk+ in modulesets-stable. These fix a couple of crashers noted in Gnucash and Gramps: One is a premature release of autopools (previously fixed with an emergency hack, now fixed the "approved" way). The other involves race conditions in the quartz drag-and-drop behavior. It's still partly in "hack" mode, so there will be a different change later, and only the non-hack parts are pushed to the quartz branches.

2. Yes, that's right, branches. I've added a gtk-2-24-quartz branch to git.gnome.org/gtk+ which tracks the 2-24 branch for everyone who's still using Gtk2 (which is probably almost everyone). This has revisions of all of the patches and serves, like quartz-integration, as a way to keep up with the latest fixes. 

3. Modulesets/gtk-osx.modules gtk+ module and modulesets-unstable/gtk-osx.modules gtk+ module have been updated to point to work with gtk-2-24-quartz.

4. Both gtk-2-24-quartz and quartz-integration are set up for a nightly merge with their respective tracking branches (gtk-2-24 and master, respectively), build, and push (if everything else works out OK). That means that you'll always have a recently updated and known-to-build (at least on a MacPro with XCode 3.2 and the 10.5 SDK) repo to work with.

5. Happy New Year!

John Ralls

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