[Gtk-osx-users] Locating git

	I just went to install GTK-OSX on another machine and ended up chasing my tail quite a bit due to some unexpected problems.  It turns out that the link to git given in the wiki for the build prerequisites is Intel only, and out of date to boot.  I'd like to make some suggestions:

* It would be really nice if gtk-osx-build-setup.sh did more error-checking.  In my case, the shell itself was giving an error message that the git executable failed to run; i took it to be a warning, however, as the script just kept chugging along.

* In the wiki, the URL of the source for git should be changed from http://metastatic.org/source/git-osx.html to http://git-scm.com.  I can take care of this myself, but right now i'm waiting for SourceForge to reset my password, and i also have to pack for tomorrow's flight.

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