[Gtk-osx-users] pygtk 2.22.0 100% cpu bug (solution included)


There's a bug in most recent versions of pygtk which can cause 100% cpu
usage in pygtk apps:

This affects 2.22 which is what gtk-osx uses by default, to fix my
gtk-osx app, I simply added:
branches["pygtk"] = "http://winswitch.org/src/pygtk-2.22.1.tar.bz2";
to my .jhbuildrc-custom
The pygtk version above is just 2.22.0 plus this one patch.
Thought others might be interested.

Also, if anyone needs to package a pygtk application for osx, I have put
my experience/instructions here:
They are very much based on tryton's, which were an excellent starting
point for me. It's not all pretty... but it works reliably!


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