Re: [Gtk-osx-users] pygtk 2.22.0 100% cpu bug (solution included)

On Feb 4, 2011, at 4:22 AM, Antoine Martin wrote:

> Hi,
> There's a bug in most recent versions of pygtk which can cause 100% cpu
> usage in pygtk apps:
> This affects 2.22 which is what gtk-osx uses by default, to fix my
> gtk-osx app, I simply added:
> branches["pygtk"] = "";
> to my .jhbuildrc-custom
> The pygtk version above is just 2.22.0 plus this one patch.
> Thought others might be interested.
> Also, if anyone needs to package a pygtk application for osx, I have put
> my experience/instructions here:
> They are very much based on tryton's, which were an excellent starting
> point for me. It's not all pretty... but it works reliably!

Thanks for pointing that out. I've just finished an overhaul of the stable moduleset, and I'll include the patch when I push it. (I need to test everything first.)

John Ralls

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