Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Building gtk-osx on Lion -- no python?

On Aug 5, 2011, at 9:54 AM, Phillip Heller wrote:

> Ah, thanks, John.  Building it now.
> For some reason, Python was automatically built for me when I last built my environment (under 10.6) using the following:
> jhbuild bootstrap --ignore-system
> jhbuild build
> And when .jhbuildrc-custom defined modules as follows:
> modules = [ "meta-gtk-osx-bootstrap", "meta-gtk-osx-core", "meta-gtk-osx-python", "librsvg", "meta-gtk-osx-themes", "gtk-quartz-engine" ]
> Was python previously a hard dependency of meta-gtk-osx-python or bootstrap, where it is not now?

Python used to be built (if you supplied the correct incantations) as part of bootstrap. That's a legacy from the regular jhbuild bootstrap module, and I changed it (and will probably change it some more in the next update cycle, which should be soon) because very few Gtk projects require it, and for most people who are just building for themselves the stock python works fine anyway.

That's the rationalization.

The real reason is that Gramps needs python built with berkeleydb, so I was building it twice because the bootstrap version got built before berkeleydb. It didn't make a lot of sense to add berkeleydb to bootstrap, so I moved Python. 

Where I think I want to go next is to have only the tools built in bootstrap. For most users that will be automake-1.11 and gettext tools; everything else is sufficiently up to date in 10.5 and later that it's not really necessary to build anything special for gtk-osx. All of the libraries will move to a collapsed gtk-osx-core; there's no good reason to have a separate gtk-osx-bootstrap moduleset. (I think Richard Hult was trying to stay close to the regular jhbuild moduleset layout, but that doesn't really make sense, either.) "random" and "unsupported" are dumb names, so I'll try to rearrange them a bit more functionally; maybe "web" and "utilities" or something, each one centered around a major project (like webkit-gtk in the first case) and all of its dependencies.

John Ralls

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