Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Failure while building gtk+

Looks like this has bitten others, too: 

The gentoo guys rolled back gobject-introspection to 0.9.0 and stuck  
with pygobject-2.20. As pyobject-2.21 is an unstable development  
release, I've tried to do the same. However, pygobject-2.20 still  
fails to build, with a different error:

ld: duplicate symbol __PyGObject_API in .libs/repo_la-bank-info.o  
and .libs/repo_la-bank-argument.o

This appears due to the code in 'girepository' wrongly including one  
of pygobject's own header files (!), which defines "_PyGObject_API",  
presumably the offending symbol that has had an extra '_' prepended  
at some point: '__PyGObject_API' does not occur in the pygobject  
source tree.

This is where I am tempted to get a little cranky with people  
responsible for releasing PyGObject but it's hard to believe they'd  
release  something which did not compile fine for them.

(After down-grading gobject-introspection, I built via
$ jhbuild build gobject-introspection
$ jhbuild buildone pygbject

Note that pygtk-2.16 depends on pygobject >= 2.12.1 according to its  
README file.


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