Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Did ige-mac-integration changed in the latest 2.20 release [WAS: (no subject) :S ]

Le 27 sept. 2010 à 21:23, John Ralls a écrit :

> GtkOSXApplication has been in ige-mac-integration for several months, but ige_mac_menu is still there. Is this something that used to work, or is it new? Did you include the necessary configure macros to define MAC_INTEGRATION?

In a 64 bit machine ige-mac-integration is tagged as ignore in .jhbuildrc.
But it works fine in Snow Leopard 64 bits if you use GtkOSXApplication functions.

I have commented this line in .jhbuildrc to be able to compile ige-mac-integration :

    # ige-mac-integration doesn't support 64-bit (it uses Carbon).
    #if ('x86_64' in architectures):
    #    skip.append("ige-mac-integration")
    #    skip.append("ige-mac-integration-py")

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