[Gtk-osx-users] keymap (meta vs alt)

John et al,

Do I understand correctly that a patch has been applied against the gtk-osx stable branch gtk+ to correct the keymap weirdness??

I ask because I'm finally getting back to fixing up the key modifiers, and it seems to still be misbehaving.

I have an accelerator CMD-O which invokes a "Connect" dialog, defined like so:

gtk.accel_map_add_entry('<tryton>/File/Connect', gtk.keysyms.O, gtk.gdk.META_MASK)

And, I have buttons in a common "OK" / "Cancel" dialog, defined like so:

dialog.add_button("gtk-cancel", gtk.RESPONSE_CANCEL)
dialog.add_button("gtk-ok", gtk.RESPONSE_OK | gtk.CAN_DEFAULT | gtk.HAS_DEFAULT)

If I invoke the "Quit" action via CMD-Q, the dialog is displayed (as expected).  CMD-O invokes the "Connect" dialog (as expected, though I should probably make the OK/Cancel for 'quit' a modal dialog), but no key combinations invoke "OK" at this dialog.

Another similar situation; I have a "Connect" button within the Connect dialog itself, defined as follows:

self.button_connect = gtk.Button(_('C_onnect'))

This button does not activate with any key combination.

Anyways, just wondering if this is something that was supposed to be fixed, or if it's still outstanding.



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