Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Unable to locate theme engine in module_path

Hi Gertwin, 

Here is the environment setup for my PyGTK application bundle.

I don't know why the extra GTK environment are necessary but 
I've found GTK_PATH to be insufficient for GTK to reliably find 
itself, at least within a bundle on OS X and possibly elsewhere. 


self_path=`dirname $0` 

# These really ought not be necessary but GTK_PATH 
# is insufficient to switch our GTK tree. GTK_IM_MODULE_FILE may  
# be redundant. PANGO_RC_FILE is necessary, as GDK_PIXBUF_MODULE_FILE

export GTK2_RC_FILES="$bundle_resources/etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc"
export GTK_IM_MODULE_FILE="$bundle_resources/etc/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules"
export GDK_PIXBUF_MODULE_FILE="$bundle_resources/etc/gtk-2.0/gdk-pixbuf.loaders"
export PANGO_RC_FILE="${bundle_resources}/pango/pangorc"

export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH="${bundle_resources}/lib"
export GTK_PATH="${bundle_resources}"
export GTK_DATA_PREFIX="${bundle_resources}"
export GTK_EXE_PREFIX="${bundle_resources}"
export PYTHONPATH="${bundle_resources}:${bundle_resources}/lib/python2.5/site-packages:${PYTHONPATH}"

On 19/11/2010, at 5:05 AM, Gertwin Groen wrote:

> Hi,
> For some reason gtk is unable to load theme engines:
> Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "quartz"
> I build an 64 bits and a 32 version, both version are unable to locate
> the theme engine's.
> This warning is printed for all engines that I compiled (64 and 32 bits).
> I tried to use "export GTK_PATH=/Users/gertwin/gtk/inst/lib/", but
> this did not help.
> Does anyone know a solution for this?
> Thanks,
> Gertwin
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