GtkGLExt OS X Quartz hack patch

I've made a patch that allows gtkglext to run on quartz osx without
filling up the entire toplevel window.
The problem was it seems that a function was used,
that always return the toplevel window.

What I've done is to create a NSOpenGLView and add it as a subview to
the toplevel NSView,
and then manually resize the OpenGLView when necessary.
(In a very hackish way...)

I haven't changed anything regarding pixmaps or even the release
context functions, but the basic widget/view works...


(Full patched source)


(The quartz hack patch)

(The previous quartz patch..Apply first!!!)



To build, just run the commands below in the patched gtkglext folder:
(change the dir's to your own first..)

jhbuild shell
./configure  --with-gdktarget=quartz --libdir=<gtk/inst/lib>
--bindir=<gtk/inst/bin> --includedir=<gtk/inst/include>
make install

And it should be done.

Best Regards
Jacob Juul Kolding
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