[Gtk-osx-users] pygtk and NSApplicationBlockTermination


  I'm working on integrating the client for Tryton, an open source ERP system.

There had been some previous work on integration, though it never quite worked.

The specific problems I'm running into:

1) When I invoke "Quit" from the application menu within the window itself, no problem.  However, when Quit is invoked via gtk_osxapplication integration, the application blocks, and must be killed.  I suspect I need to handle the NSApplicationBlockTermination, though I'm admittedly a novice with pygtk, and unsure how to do this.

2) I understand that the Application menu "Quit" entry is automatically integrated under gtk_osxapplication.  How is the proper binding chosen for this integration?  I ask because within the Tryton client, the quit action is bound to a callback which opens an "are you sure" message.  I'm guessing the answer might simply be that Quit is automatically bound to gtk.main_quit(), though the user must handle NSApplicationBlockTermination - which renders this question moot, and the previous question more important :-)



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