Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Crash when quitting via Dock Icon

On Aug 25, 2010, at 9:16 AM, Phillip Heller wrote:

> Greetings,
> Using gtk_osxapplication, I have successfully integrated the menubar with the Tryton (opensource ERP) client.  I've also implemented a termination handler like so:
> self.macapp.connect("NSApplicationBlockTermination", self.sig_close)
> <snip, snip>
>   def sig_quit(widget=None):
>       CONFIG['client.default_width'] = Main.get_main()._width
>       CONFIG['client.default_height'] = Main.get_main()._height
>       if hasattr(gtk, 'accel_map_save'):
>           gtk.accel_map_save(os.path.join(get_config_dir(), ''))
>       if gtk.main_level() > 0:
>           gtk.main_quit()
>   def sig_close(self, widget):
>       if common.sur(_("Do you really want to quit?"), parent=self.window):
>           if not self.sig_logout(widget):
>               return False
>           Main.sig_quit()
>       else:
>           if self.macapp is not None:
>               return True
> This works just great for quitting via menubar, or accelerator. However, when invoking the dock icon quit method, I'm persented with the sig_close dialog, but when I click yes, I get the crash shown in the following pastebin url. Any suggestions?

I don't see any instances of libigemacintegration.dylib in that stack trace...

"Bus Error" on OSX is the same as "SegFault" in Linux. You're dereferencing a pointer that has a bogus value (0x20). You'll have to fire up GDB to find out what pointer and how it's gotten the bad value.

John Ralls

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