[Gtk-osx-users] Build python ige-mac-integration binding


I managed to build the gtk-os with pygtk bindings.
It works all well, even ige-mac-integration in c apps.
But I have some problems building the python bindings for ige-mac-integration.

A makefile is created in
"~/gtk/source/ige-mac-integration-0.8.4/bindings/python" but when
calling make is generates an error:

(				\
	    --register /gdk-types.defs	\
	    --register /gtk-types.defs	\
	    --override igemacintegration.override			\
	    --prefix igemacintegration igemacintegration.defs) >
gen-igemacintegration.c			\
	&& cp gen-igemacintegration.c igemacintegration.c			\
	&& rm -f gen-igemacintegration.c
/bin/sh: --register: command not found
make: *** [igemacintegration.c] Error 127

Can someone tell me how to build the python bindings for ige-mac-integration?


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