[Gtk-osx-users] Ige-mac-integration-0.9.5

I've just release ige-mac-integration-0.9.5.

Changes since 0.9.4 include:

 * Instantiation of the GTkOSXApplication pointer (a static variable to make the class a singleton) is now protected with a mutex for thread safety.

 * Gtk+-2.20 no longer maps Command to GDK_META_MASK, so the mapping in cocoa_menu_item.c is changed to use the correct mapping; also, the option key was incorrectly mapped to GDK_MOD1_MASK; it should be GDK_MOD5_MASK; this is now corrected.

 * Bundle functions (e.g., gtk_osxapplication_get_bundle_id() are now free functions instead of member functions (there wasn't any good reason for them to be member functions). Accordingly, they're renamed to quartz_application_get_foo(). The old names are preserved as macros for the time being, but I intend to remove them in 1.0, so everyone should update their code. Thanks to Richard Proctor for pointing this out and writing the initial patch.

 * The gtk_osxapplication_add_app_menu_group() functionality is deprecated; you can now add app menu items directly with a new function, gtk_osxapplication_insert_app_menu_item(). It accepts separators and an index, so you can arrange the app menu however you like. (bug 37)

The modulesets have already been updated, so new builds should have the new version (if you're using the github modulesets, of course).

John Ralls

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