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Thank you Emmanuele and Stefan for your answers,

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Have you considered using the GObject introspection data that GTK itself
generates, instead of your custom parsing code?

Yes, but a long time ago in the first year of the project. In this Dec. 2011

My thoughts were:

But in that case, there is no "c:identifier" attribute in the tag (how to
identify a pointer ?)

-   parsing XML is easier than using regular expressions which must take
into account many exceptions and peculiarities.
-   The binding would be more complete (to what extent ?).
 -  GIR format is not well documented.
 -  Cairo is not (yet ?) supported. So would still be
necessary at least for it. 
Probably also for others like GLib (see the "c:identifier" problem above).
 -  We would lose the C prototypes in comments and also in
 -  A new effort.
The question is: is it worth while ? Or would it be more adequate to
improve ?

Note that it was how I see things at that time. I don't know if my feeling
was right (I was a total beginner with GTK), and I don't know how things
have changed since that time. It is still a possibility that could be
interesting in the long term. It would surely be cleaner than parsing with
regular expressions.

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Nabble is a web bridge to various mailing list; the "General" forum maps


, which is going to be de-activated on May 1st, 2019.

It seems Nabble does not respect cross-posting, so you probably haven't
seen the announcement:

OK, at first I did not understood the real nature of Nabble. And I have not
seen the announcement. I will look at

Best regards,

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