REMINDER: List moved to Discourse; archival in 1 week

Hi all;

next week, on May 1st, this list will be archived[0]. This means no new subscriptions, and no new email.

If you have questions about GTK, GLib, and the rest of the core GNOME development platform, you can use the Discourse[1] instance hosted on GNOME infrastructure; we have a Platform/Core category, and we can use appropriate tags that you can watch[2] and filter on.

You can use existing single-sign on systems, like Google and Github, to authenticate yourself; if you have a GNOME LDAP account already, you're strongly encouraged to use that method of authentication.

You can still use email to interact with Discourse, and a guide is available[3] to configure your account.

If you have any questions or feedback on Discourse, please use the appropriate category[4].


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