Re: Boot error after install gtk-3-0

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   Dear gtk-list


   Hi, I'm Jin Young Youn.

   I have problems in installing gtk3.
 Why are you compiling by yourself and not installing from repository?
 Moreover, it should not prevent you from booting.
 What error did you get after reboot?

I think that the answer to your question "why are you compiling..."
is already below:

   ps.  I'm a beginner of linux. I can't attached any terminal message .

Indeed, there is an instruction how to compile GTK+ from scratch but
it does not say that this instruction is not encouraged for modern
Linux distributions which deliver GTK+ in a built binary.

Also the incorrectly installed GTK+ does not prevent the system from
booting but may prevent GUI (X, Wayland, GDM, GNOME) from starting
which may mean the same from  the beginner's point of view.

Jin, you should not follow that instruction which you followed.
This is not for beginners. Now as you say that your system does
not boot, in your case probably it's easier to reinstall it from

If you really need GTK+ version 3.21.9 and newer (note: the number
21 or any other odd number instead means this is a developers release,
for developers who develop GTK+ itself, not those who use GTK+ to
develop other applications, you should need 3.22.0 instead) and
it really looks like you do you should instead (choose one):

- use a newer version of Ubuntu, it does not have to be LTS,
- use a different distribution (e.g., Fedora 25 which is the oldest
  supported version ships GTK+ 3.22 series),
- create a virtual machine and install a newer distribution,
- use JHBuild [1] which will download the newest GTK+ source and
  build and install it locally without destruction of your whole
  Linux installation.




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