Boot error after install gtk-3-0

Dear gtk-list

Hi, I'm Jin Young Youn.

I have problems in installing gtk3.

I want to install GXSM 3 for MK3-PLL.

I'm using ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS.

Because GXSM3 needs gtk3, I tried to install gtk3 following this guide.

(Before my gtk3 version is 3.20.8 and I need 3.21.9 at least.)

I have installed Glib2.52, pango, atk, gtk 3.22.4(use ./configure make make install ) also any other dependencies.

But after installing, the version of gtk3 doesn't change.

More serious is Computer can't boot after I tried reboot.

Thanks you and please help me.

ps.  I'm a beginner of linux. I can't attached any terminal message .

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