Re: why interface written by gtk+ so ugly

so ugly, that I've been happily using GNOME on ArchLinux since 2014 and even Ubuntu came back to it:

To me GNOME is the best looking Desktop out there and it inspired many other OSs in a way or another.

The only think I believe is ugly abotu GNOME is that it does not ship with the Dark theme by default and you need Tweak to have it.

Otherwise is awesome, and with it every GUI I use daily (OK, OK, some gui does not scale on HiDPi but I'm sure at some point they will)


On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 10:57 AM, weidong <1015490825 qq com> wrote:
gtk+ is fast and stable, but is too ugly.That's why almost no company use it.

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