Debugging main loop wakeups

Hi all,

What's an effective way to debug GLib main loop event sources? A person using Geary has reported[0] that they are getting ~60 wakeups per second, and from strace this looks like it's the main loop's calls to poll() returning that are causing this. I'd like to work out what sources are causing the wakeups so I can work out how to solve the issue, but am having trouble working out how to do that.

I've tried setting a break on poll() in gdb, but it seems none of the fd's ever show any revents. I've tried using sysprof, but that just tells me g_main_context_prepare() and g_source_iter_next() is the cause of most of Geary's CPU utilisation when it's otherwise idle. I've also tried to use Dunfell, but it fails with some obscure system tap error.

Any suggestions?


[0] - <>
⊨ Michael Gratton, Percept Wrangler.
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