Re: Does webkitgtk issues discussed here?

So here it is:
On the page
there are
WebKitWebBackForwardList and WebKitWebHistoryItem classes which should
take care of the history support inside the WebView.

However, on the page
those classes are missing.

The former link is for a version 2.4.5, the latter - 2.18.3.

The difference is not in WebKitGTK version but in WebKit API version.
The former documentation is for WebKitGTK (GTK+ port of WebKit 1 API,
removed in WebKitGTK+ 2.6.0, that's why the doc comes from 2.4.5), the
latter for WebKit2GTK (GTK+ port of WebKit 2 API, considered stable
since WebKitGTK+ 2.0.0 and the only supported API nowadays).

I just mentioned the version since thats what I saw in the page at the top.
However you mentioned that the API was removed in the version 2.6.0.
Does this mean
those classes I mentioned are still available for the WebKitGtk below
version 2.6.0?
Or it is true for the 2.0.0+?

The deprecated WebKit 1 API is available in WebKitGTK+ < 2.6.0, but
you really should not use it because it is ancient (i.e compatibility
issues with modern web pages) and insecure (look at WebKitGTK security
advisories to get an idea about security vulnerabilities still present
in 2.4.5).

Are those 2 classes become deprecated? If so, which version deprecates them?

WebKit1 is practically deprecated since WebKitGTK 2.0 and is no longer
supported (no bug and security fixes).

I see on the second page there are WebKitBackForwardist and WebKitHistoryItem.
(no middle "Web"). Are they direct replacements?

They seem to be the replacements, but not all methods from WebKit1
have been ported.

Is there a plan to port them?

That's a question for WebKitGTK+ developers.

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