Re: Feature suggest for GTK 4


you probably want to use gtk-devel-list gnome org. Having said that:

2017-11-04 15:55 GMT+00:00 Natanael Barbosa Santos <natanaelgplay gmail com>:
English: Add retrocompatibility with GTK 2.x or easy port like QT 4 to QT 5:

Definitely not going to happen.

A lot of API provided by GTK is defined at run time — properties,
signals, even the object types. This means we cannot provide a
compatibility layer like Qt does. Types would collide, properties
would behave differently, signals would not be emitted.

Additionally, a compatibility between GTK 2.x and 4.x is absolutely
out of the question; at most, backward compatibility would extend to
the latest stable release (GTK 3.22) not to the old stable release.


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