Re: Is gtk-fb still actively maintained?


On 12 March 2016 at 15:34, Woody Wu <narkewoody gmail com> wrote:

I am hesitate to install a Xorg sever on a
small device.  Thanks.

I don't see the issue. If it can run GTK then it most definitely can run

Yes, it can, but need more space and memory.

What I meant was that it's highly unlikely that running the X server
and a minimal window manager, like Matchbox, is going to require much
more memory than running any GTK application. As for storage
consumption, I used to be able to put a custom tailored, but largely
unpatched, stack of kernel,, GTK, and GStreamer on a 32 MB eMMC
10 years ago, and leave enough room for an application to run.

You may want to look at Yocto —


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