'color-activated' signal not emitting

According to the docs [0], the "color-activated" signal is emitted upon
the user making any changes to the current color.

I'm having trouble with this signal in two scenarios:

1) When a GtkColorChooserWidget is inside of a GtkPopover [1, 2]
2) When a GtkColorChooserWidget is inside of a GtkWindow [3, 4]

I am not sure if I'm using GtkBuilder, signals, or pygobject
incorrectly. The signal is being picked up correctly, because
when I comment it out, GtkBuilder complains. However, even
when I change a color, nothing is fired (and yes, I put a quick
print statement in as a sanity check).

I am using GTK 3.20.6, Python 3.5.2, and pyobject 3.20.1 on Arch.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated! This is my first
GTK project so I apologize if I'm missing something obvious.

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