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By review your comment against LGPL, and with same advertising I am not a lawyer, if you provide your object files, you are not forced to distribute the tools to generate binaries but instructions  to do so.

Android and iOS have tools to do so available to the users, then is a matter to the users to create object files for GLib and use that tools to create the binaries and installation package, using your object files.

You should provide a way to the users to download your object object files and instructions to create binaries with links to available instructions in each target platform.

Doing above, should be possible to use GLib/Vala in your project.

El 19 jul. 2016 3:34 a. m., "Dov Grobgeld" <dov grobgeld gmail com> escribió:
GLib is licensed under LGPL which allows linking with non-LGPL code. But you still have to provide access for the end user to update the LGPL code that your application uses. In theory this means either providing your proprietary code as object files or in practice, linking to the LGPL code dynamically and provide file system access for the end user to replace the LGPL shared library. This is usually no problem for a desktop application, but might not be possible for "consoles", mobile phones, or other closed system. In such systems you might not be able to provide for the demands of the LGPL license, in which case you cannot use the LGPL software.

Note that I am not a lawyer, and this is my own interpretation, and for legal advice you should turn to a lawyer.


On Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 4:29 PM, Aleksandr Palamar <void995 gmail com> wrote:
Hi, GTK-List users.

I'm curious about GLib license, mainly because I'm thinking about using Vala in closed source (or zlib if that would be possible in future) project, which may (or not) be used on different platforms including iOS (which doesn't allow dynamic linkage), PS4 and XBoxOne. Would it require to make application available under LGPL as well or I would able to kept application under any license I like while sharing (if target platform allows it, because I doubt about PS4 and XONE) changes for GLib if there was any. Just don't want to go wrong way and force myself to drain inside license problems in future.

Regards, Aleksandr Palamar

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