Re: Changing the GtkTreeView Bar Color....

Op 07/04/2016 om 08:04 PM schreef Emmanuele Bassi:
The "row" region exposed by older versions of GTK+ is gone, like the
rest of the CSS regions.

The documentation for GtkTreeView styling is available at:

This is not clear what row is now replaced with. Why can't the Gtk dev
folks give working examples or have application developer documentation
that explains how this is supposed to work.

Anything related to the internals of the CSS styling of widgets was
undocumented and unstable before 3.20.

I would argue the whole theming architecture is undocumented and close
to comprehensible by now.


I managed to get it to work with the below. However I had to look at a
theme to figure it out so it may not be the "correct" way.

  treeview:selected {background-color: #D02B2B; color: #2B5FD0;}


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