RE: GtkComobBox with appears-as-list - broken? going away?

Thanks. I found this bug report opened a couple of years ago which seems to be the same thing that I'm seeing 
with appears-as-list set:

If I can reproduce this in a Linux version as well as in the Windows version then I might look into possibly 
fixing it if I get some time.

Those mock-ups for the new replacement look great. And with a proper scroll bar - that will keep us 
detractors happy :-)


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you probably wanted to send you email to gtk-devel-list.

On 13 December 2016 at 20:08, Ian Puleston <ian underpressuredivers com>

The "big blank area" is meant to ensure that the first item in the list is
close to the location of the pointer; the "appears-as-list"
style property was mostly a hack with pretty serious side effects in the
overall maintainability of the GtkComboBox widget.

Then in searching for info about this I came across a commit just last
month saying “combobox: Remove appears-as-list style property. Remove
all the code handling the appears-as-list=TRUE case”.

In general, style properties are going away in GTK+ 4.x, if they cannot be
replaced by CSS properties.

In the specific case of GtkComboBox, though, the "appears-as-list"
style property was literally used to create a separate widget that
responded to the GtkComboBox API, which is even worse.

We're looking into creating a new "combo box" widget for GTK+ 4.x, which
will likely be styled as a pop over; see, for example, this:

and the relative branch:

and designs:

So is this style property known to be not working in GTK-3? And is
that the reason that it is being removed, or something else? Will it
be removed in
GTK-3 or not until GTK-4?

GTK+ 3.x is feature and API frozen; no new API, no new features, only
bug fixes and deprecation warnings are going to be allowed from now on;
so, the "appears-as-list" style property will still work.


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