Re: Background color of Treeviews with just few rows

Thanks. However I think your recommendation will draw odd and even row with the selected color but this is not what I am looking for.

I would like to give some color to the area below last row, in a treeview with a small number of rows. This area is by default white.

El 30/09/2015 a las 12:45, Miroslav Rajcic escribió:
This code works for me for GTK 2.x:

static const char color_rc[] =
                "style \"aaa\"\n"
                "GtkTreeView::even-row-color =\"#%04x%04x%04x\"\n"
                "widget \"*.aaa\" style \"aaa\"";  // removed "class \"GtkTreeView\"" because it would change all trees

            gchar *rc_temp = g_strdup_printf(color_rc,
            gtk_widget_set_name(widget, "aaa");

I hope it helps.

On 30.9.2015. 8:51, Juan L. Freniche wrote:
Hello, I would appreciate help in this topic:

I have a notebook with several pages. Every page has a scrolledwindow and then a treeview.

For treeviews with sufficient rows, no problema but if the treeview has a small number of rows, the remaining area below the last row is in white color.

I would like to change the color of this area. I tried

style =get_style (widget)
set_background (style, state_normal, other color)
set_style (widget, style)

where widget was sucessively the notebook, the scrolled window and the treeview. No success.

I am using Gtk 2.24 and in the process of moving to Gtk3.

Thanks in advance.

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