Re: How to tell filechooser to sort directories first and not to mix dirs with files?

Hi Gergely,

Which Fedora update are you referring to? Sorting works fine for me on the
current F22. I cannot check the other issues right now, maybe tomorrow;
let’s hope someone else will answer beforehand.

Thanks for your reply. I am now on Fedora-22.

I uploaded a screenshot of how the GTK3 filechooser currently looks on
my system at:

It is in pretty bad shope compared to GTK2's filechooser:
* Directory and files are mixed
* GTK2's filechooser allowed me to type the beginning of a filename
and automatically selected it
* The buttons on the bottom have visual artifacts (most likely a theme issue)
* In this case the new "end of scrollable are" animation is shown on
the top, although I wasn't scrolling at that moment

Best regards, Clemens

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