Re: How to tell filechooser to sort directories first and not to mix dirs with files?


Which Fedora update are you referring to? Sorting works fine for me on the current F22. I cannot check the other issues right now, maybe tomorrow; let’s hope someone else will answer beforehand.


2015-09-14 20:27 GMT+02:00 Clemens Eisserer <linuxhippy gmail com>:

A recent Fedora update made the filechooser again worse for me, it is
now broken to a degree which makes it really annoying to use:

- I can't get the filechooser to sort directories first. Directories
and files are mixed when sort-order is by file-name.
- Typing just the file-name to scroll the file-list to an item with
the same name doesn't work any loger.
- When accidentially scrolling to the end of the list, I get this new
"end of scrollable area" effect. Can I turn it off anyhow?

Is there any way to get the old behaviour back?
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