Re: [GTK2] GTK2_RC_FILES override clashes with current theme

On 09/15/2015 11:59 PM, lemonsqueeze wrote:
I guess what greatly confuses me is:
1) GTK2_RC_FILES is documented as specifying
     "a list of RC files to parse instead of the default ones"
2) Actual behavior differs
     "a list of RC files to parse in addition to the default ones"
3) Fix is a trivial one line change to gtkrc.c
    (which I'm not asking for btw, trying to understand the situation

This doesn't make sense. With GTK so widely used, I find it hard to
believe I'm the first one to run into this...

You're not the first one to run into this, we are also setting this variable when shipping GTK apps. Shipping a gtkrc (theme) along with the application is not really considered regular use of GTK because, at least on Linux, it goes against the ability of the distribution vendor and the end user to modify GTK's look and feel. Application vendors that choose to do so must be prepared to dig in the source and work around the obstacles.

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