Re: Is Unicode character set a problem when compiling GTK sources?

On 17/02/2015 18:36, codekiddy wrote:
(even Fan's projects which I'm using) which were
set to Multibyte character set are now set to *unicode character set*

Can you tell what consequnces could that have?
I'm starting to think it would be better to re-compile everything with Multibyte instead because I have bad problems with GTK+ on run-time, there should be reason why those projects found in official sources are all set to Multibyte??

Hi there,

As someone else who builds a lot of GTK related stuff with MSVC, my experience has been that the most commonly used Unicode format (for GTK+ based projects) tends to be UTF-8. UTF-8 can only be represented easily when you select the multibyte character set. Windows Unicode uses precisely 2 bytes to represent each character. But UTF-8 can use anywhere between 1 byte and 4 bytes (in fact, I think the early implementations could use up to 6 bytes!) It probably makes things a lot easier too for Glib::ustring.

Hope that explains it.


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