Please help with GtkFlowBox

Hello everybody,

This is my first post to this list so I'm sorry for any mistake I could make.
I like how GtkFlowBox arranges the items inside and I'd like to use it
as a container for a set of GtkButtons. The placement of the buttons is
fine but I don't like the way that the keyboard focus moves when I press
Tab or Shift+Tab: first the GtkFlowBoxChild receives focus, then GtkButton.
I would like GtkButton only to receive focus like in GtkGrid or GtkBox. Please
see the attachment for my effort so far. There are some comments explaining what
I tried and why it did not work. Am I using GtkFlowBox incorrectly? Is
not suitable for this application? Is it a bug or a missing feature in

If you wonder why I need this solution, it is for this bug:

Best regards,


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