compile glib success but failure on run-time with every version

Hello, I'm working on series of Visual Studio 2013 solutions and projects on GitHub to compile GTK+ stack and it's dependencies from scratch, beginning with zlib and iconv up to GTK+ and even gtkmm. So far I succeeded to compile everything by using msvc-120 and other tools and here is a problem with glib:

I run test projects of every successful package compilation by using "test" source files from each package, and it's the glib only that fails, the glib test that fails whose source code is found in <package_root>\tests\testglib.c triggers a breakpoint. The very same error happens when running gtk-demo application, the application crashes so
I compiled several versions of glib and re-linked the GTK and it's dependencies with new glib but with no success. glib test can not pass.

I'm not sure how to describe my problem but here is the result while debugging testglib.c test:

(testglib.exe:2492): GLib-CRITICAL **: Did not see expected message **-CRITICAL **: *g_print*assertion*failed*

(testglib.exe:2492): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_print: assertion 'format != NULL' failed

Here are versions of glib sources that I compiled:

all of the above packages get successfully compiled including all dpendencies, but running testglib.c results in same error and thus preventing me to finaly run gtk-demo application resulting in crash.

I was able to compile GTK+ and all it's dependencies by using Windows SDK 7.1 and msvc-100 some time ago so I'm installing the msvc-100 toolset right now and will try to compile with that and see if this makes any change.
Also all of my tools, (SDK, IDE, and sources) are located in path with no spaces) as suggested in README file of glib and other packages.

Do you know what could be the cause of this? and what can I do to solve this problem? please let me know if you need more information..
Thank you so much!

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