[python GTK3] Gtk.Grid segmentation fault with 250 rows


I want to create a grid from a DHCP leases file that has about 250 or
300 entries. My code looks like this:

n = 0
for i in entryList:
      e1 = Gtk.EventBox()
      img1 = Gtk.Image()
      img1.set_from_pixbuf( pixbufSSH )
      grid.attach( e1, 0, n, 1, 1 )
      e2 = Gtk.EventBox()
      img2 = Gtk.Image()
      img2.set_from_pixbuf( pixbufVNC )
      grid.attach( e2, 1, n, 1, 1 )
      l1 = Gtk.Label( i.hostname )
      l1.set_alignment( xalign = 0.0, yalign = 0.5 )
      grid.attach( l1, 2, n, 1, 1 )
      n += 1

but when I run the code I get

(test.py:26703): Gdk-WARNING **: gdk-frame-clock: layout continuously
requested, giving up after 4 tries

(test.py:26703): Gtk-CRITICAL **: _gtk_css_number_value_get: assertion
'number != NULL' failed

(test.py:26703): Gtk-CRITICAL **: _gtk_css_style_compute_value:
assertion 'GTK_IS_CSS_COMPUTED_VALUES (values)' failed
Segmentation fault

so it seems I can't add so many rows to the grid; but it worked ok in
a previous version I made with pygtk (that is, with gtk2).

What should I be doing to get this working?

Thanks for any input!

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